A luminaire for public spaces

Letup addresses the modern “lobby as a living room” mentality in hospitality businesses. To maintain relevance and to diversify their market, the industry strives to both house private guests and to invite the public to utilize the space. Letup is a lamp which encourages and facilitates patrons of lobbies to dwell in comfort by controlling the atmospheric space - physically, acoustically and luminously.

The product is themed under a project called Flatland. All products produced under this theme were inspired to be created from flat materials.

Masters Project, Lund University LTH
Exhibited in 2018 at Via Palermo 1 in the Milan Furniture Fair


My design process, inherently being non-linear, involved several tangent research paths. To reconcile the drivers I needed to rephrase and take selective inspirations from each portion of research. Eventually I concluded creating a welcoming and desirable space is the most essential driver in hospitality products. This is done through controlling the space and atmosphere the product creates.

More coming soon...