An intelligent bicycle light

Commuting cyclists ride daily as an environmentally friendly and healthier mode of travel. However, cyclists compete against cars, trucks, and buses for space on the road. The cycling community acknowledges the risks of commuting with larger vehicles, but how do they increase their presence to avoid accidents?

Undergraduate Thesis Project, Ohio State University
Exhibited in May 2016 at the Urban Art Space in Columbus, Ohio, USA

What are some of the problems with biking in bad weather?

As an avid cyclist commuter from Ohio I did not concern myself when the 'snow' we had received the night before more closely resembled a heavy sludge. Having started to bike before Columbus started embracing bike lanes, I experienced and watched many of my friends struggle to get from point A to point B.

So I investigated

Who better to ask than the local shop owners?

Andrew (roll:)

“The biggest issue when biking in the dark is visibility and making sure I’m visible especially from the sides.”

Matt (BikeSource Clintonville)

“The most bothersome part of driving in inclement conditions is visibility, being able to see out of glasses. You need safety lights so that other people can see you.”

Joe (Once Ridden Bikes)

“The danger is mostly from cars going around you. If you take up enough of the lane that cars can’t get around you, you’re safer.”

More coming soon...